Sangria is a really popular drink in our country, with many different formulas when it comes to preparing it. Today, we’re suggesting a cava sangria, a super easy to prepare drink that mixes many flavors and ingredients that everyone loves.

If we want a gourmet result, it is key to use only quality ingredients. Remember before preparing this cava sangria, that all the ingredients should be in the fridge, including the fruit.

Any excuse is good to prepare a good cava sangria. We’ll show you our recipe step by step!


Difficulty: Easy

Total preparation time: 10 minutes


Ingredients (2 people)

A bunch of various fresh fruits (such as strawberry, mango, orange, peach).

3 small oranges.

1 bottle of Cava Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut Nature (already chilled).

1 generous splash of gin.

1 spash of brandy.

Fruit slices for decoration.


We cut the fruit in cubes or slices, and peel it in case it’s necessary (mango, kiwi…).

Squeeze the orange juice, strain it and add it to our jar.

Pour the gin over the fruits mix.

Pour the brandy over the fruits and gin mix.

Lastly, we add the chill cava.

Stir well and  divide the mix in the glasses.


Notes and tips

It’s important to make sure every glass gets some pieces of fruit

The fruit and juice of the oranges add sugar to the cocktail, which combines perfectly with the slight bitternes of the cava. You may add some sugar or choose a different, sweeter type of cava such as Brut or Extra Dry.

You can let the cava sangria rest in the fridge a couple hours so that all the flavors are well mixed before serving. In that case, do not pour all the cava in the beginning, and add the remaining part right before serving to keep it bubbly.

At the time of serving, you can add ice directly in the glasses.

Brandy and gin can be replaced by an orange liquour, like Cointreau.

It’s a really refreshing drink with a fruity flavor that makes it perfect for sunny days. We like to enjoy it both as aperitive at home and as a night drink, before an outdoor dinner… do not miss it!