Rosé Cava is coming hard. There’s infinite ways to enjoy it. Can be drank as an aperitif, paired with numerous dishes and also as an ingredient on cocktails.

Prepare a rosé cava cocktail with this super simple recipe and glamorize your weekend. This grapefruit mimosa is a delicate mix with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity.

It’s not only a declicious beverage, but the result is an irresistible pink tone drink. Perfect for any brunch. We’re convinced you’ll leave your Friends and family speechless!

Mimosas are some of the easiest cocktails to prepare, and perfect for any occasion. For this recipe, we’ve used the Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut Rosé cava, being fresh and appetizing, with some complexity, ideal to create an interesting mix.


Difficulty: Easy

Total preparation time: 5 minutes


Ingredients (2 people)

500ml grapefruit juice (1 big grapefruit approx.)

1 tbsp sugar

Crushed ice

1 bottle of Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut Rosé cava (cold)

Rosemary for presentation

Grapefruit slices for presentation


Squeeze the juice of a big grapefuit

Pour crushed ice into the mixer

Add the juice and sugar

Add the cava

Shake slightly and carefully, pour the mix in a glass

Finally, decorate with Rosemary and a grapefruit slice

Notes and tips

Puedes comprar zumo de pomelo, pero suele ser bastante dulce, en este caso te recomendamos rebajarlo con un poco de agua y no añadir la cucharada de azúcar.

You can buy the juice, but it is usually sweet. In this case we recommend you dilute it with water and don’t add the sugar.

We recommend preparing this recipe in big batches so you can keep the mix in the fridge and refill your mimosas as you want.

Really easy and quick to prepare, we believe this is the perfect cocktail to toast with this St. Valentine’s. Are you trying it?