A very important part of the proposal of Masachs family’s new generation is to be more inclusive every day.

We have been working with many small producers for many years, and jointly with them we have created our new product line, La Mítica.

Together, we have studied and selected each plot to find the Mediterranean expression that we were looking for this cava. We wanted to transmit our grandmother Pepita’s, passion for her land, that’s why the concept of the territory was very important to us.

We have spoken to some of them to give value to their commitment and work.

When preparing our most personal projects we always count on Bolea. He has been working with certified organic vines for more than 6 years and acknowledges not having a favorite variety, he likes diversity. Among his plots we find Muscat, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Macabeo and Xarel·lo. The soils on which they grow are calcareous and very balanced.

He tells us that now with the steps that many winegrowers are following, practices are getting even more respectful to the environment, so the vineyards are increasingly valued. But unfortunately, there is a risk of losing large vineyard areas for financial reasons and generational replacement. He has two children and ensures that none shows interest in working the land, they know that it involves a lot of sacrifice, worries and being all day on the vineyard, often giving up a lot of leisure time.

I was born under a vine and vinegrowing has always been my passion

We also visited Ferrer, who has some organic and pristine vineyards on the outskirts of Vilafranca del Penedès, a few meters from our winery. He studied enology at INCAVI but explains that he was born under a vine and that the vinegrowing has always been his passion. The harvest is always done with care and only by his family.

It was his grandfather who transmitted his love for the land and taught him about viticulture through a plot that he still preserves and shows with great pride. We share the same vision, the little intervention is reflected later in the wines. The soils of his land are calcareous and full of fossils that transmit great minerality and tipicity to the Xarel·lo grape variety.

If you want to do something and you are healthy enough, you can achieve whatever you want

Another of our grape growers, Dani, tells us that viticulture is not at its best right now, due to the high production costs and the work that entails taking care of the vines, which is not valued. At a personal level, he has decided to focus on other crops and keep only the plots that we work together because he feels that he is part of the project.

He explains that if you want to do something and you are healthy enough, you can achieve whatever you want. But he recognizes that value makes the difference and the only reason he continues to grow grapes is to work on projects like ours, in which teamwork and the quality of the grapes are valued.

Family values are fundamental to us and, therefore, we feel really fortunate to have been collaborating with people like Gasol for so many years. At 83 he continues to keep taking care of his vineyards and he admits to be lucky, since the generational replacement does not seem to be a problem for him. His grandson Gilbert has been learning from him for a long time and he really likes it, although he admits that it is a really hard work.

The main goal behind La Mítica, besides enjoying it, is to capture our indigenous varieties’ full potential. We try to improve everyday and this would not be possible without our vine growers. Together with them we have carried out a large number of studies and tests, which have led to errors and successes that we have subsequently implemented.