The character of our soils, the genetic of the scenery and the dream of a family hide behind this cava.
Cava Josep Masachs Tradicional capsula


Our family’s winemaking tradition dates back to 1920, when we started to grow our vines in Vilafranca del Penedès.
Now the fourth generation of the family has started to join the winery, resulting in a revolving interchange where one party brings knowledge gathered through decades of experience and the other the will to move forward in an industry in which we were always pioneers.
This cava is born out of the experience amassed through generations, and represents the tradition and respect for our land.

Cava Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut Nature


Cava Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut


Cava Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut Rose


Cava Josep Masachs Tradicional Semi


Cava Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut Organic




We produce this cava in the very heart of Penedès, where we find the Mediterranean sun, the sea breeze and the mountains. This unique landscape makes part of our anatomy. A place that can heal your soul and inspire to enjoy every day. Thus, we have created a cava with fresh and mature character, intense and elegant, ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and on any occasion.


This cava arises from the sum of many years’ experience and know-how. We use different plots that we harvest separately when the balance between acidity and ripeness we look for is reached, taking advantage of the characteristics that the local varieties we work with offer, to create a unique combination. A blend with character, created to celebrate the centenary of our winery.

The second fermentation takes place within the bottle with yeasts that are carefully selected from our own vines. Ages on its lees for a minimum of 14 months, developing complexity while keeping its freshness.

After this ageing, we use an expedition liqueur aged in a large wooden vat made of French oak (foudre) that emphasizes the balance and complexity of our cava, contributing with singularity and nuances. A unique personality that perfectly defines the character of the Masachs family and our hundred year old tradition.


Xarel·lo: Variety grown in the vineyards located around the winery, where the soils are calcareous, highlighting the minerality of our cavas. Xarel·lo offers structure, acidity, and body.

Macabeo: Vines grown around Vilafranca del Penedès town, an area traditionally dedicated to the growing of this variety. Vines yield an average of 10,000Kg/ha, resulting in great concentration grapes, with good acidity.

Parellada: Our location, next to the Alt Penedès area, enables us to harvest Parellada in high altitude areas, where this grape shines the most. Brings us the crisp and fresh in our cavas.

Garnacha: We work with Garnacha variety in poor calcareous soils, that add mineral character. Creates the best foundation for our rosés, very aromatic, fresh and floral.

Trepat: Trepat is a variety with great potential, autochthonous to the Conca de Barberà. Allows us to create light cavas, fresh and fruity with great acidity and outstanding delicacy.

Monastrell: Typical Mediterranean variety, very well suited to the Penedès Superior area and its clay-calcareous soils in which we plant it. Brings vegetal aromas and good acidity.


14 months
White varieties
Xarel·lo, Macabeo, Parellada
Rosé Varieties:
Garnacha, Trepat, Monastrell
Vegan, European Vegetarian Union