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Interview with Laura Masachs

This time we talk to Laura Masachs, let’s find out more about her role in the winery through this Q&A! Describe your current job responsibilities at the winery. I have been working in the winery for 10 years and throughout this time I have been in charge of very different tasks and learning new things […]

Interview with Alex Ruiz Masachs

We had the opportunity to talk to Alex Ruiz Masachs, oenologist and manager of Josep Masachs. So let’s find out more about our winery through this Q&A! How did Josep Masachs start in the Cava business? We started more than 100 years ago, 2020 was the year of our centenary. Our great-grandfather, Josep Masachs Llorach, […]

Great News!

Josep Masachs Tradicional Brut has just won the Grand Gold medal of the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2021. This edition of the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles took place in Luxembourg and this year it has reinvented itself, as the pandemic continues to make it difficult to organize events. During 9 days, more than 300 […]

Cava Cocktails: Cava Sangria

Sangria is a really popular drink in our country, with many different formulas when it comes to preparing it. Today, we’re suggesting a cava sangria, a super easy to prepare drink that mixes many flavors and ingredients that everyone loves. If we want a gourmet result, it is key to use only quality ingredients. Remember […]

Cava Cocktails: Grapefruit mimosa & rosé cava

Rosé Cava is coming hard. There’s infinite ways to enjoy it. Can be drank as an aperitif, paired with numerous dishes and also as an ingredient on cocktails. Prepare a rosé cava cocktail with this super simple recipe and glamorize your weekend. This grapefruit mimosa is a delicate mix with a nice balance between sweetness […]

Cava Cocktails: Cava Margarita

Many people do not know that cava is perfect for creating cocktails. This is mainly due to its acidity, effervescence and the complexity conferred by the second fermentation in the bottle. We have a very easy cocktail récipe for you: cava margarita. You’ll have it ready in no time and it is ideal for a […]

100 years

We’ve been meaning to write this article a long time now, but wouldn’t dare to do so. 2020 was marked in red in our agendas, our centenary and the time where many projects on which we had been working for years would come into existence. If the truth be told, it is not being the […]

The grapegrower: an integral part of our project

A very important part of the proposal of Masachs family’s new generation is to be more inclusive every day. We have been working with many small producers for many years, and jointly with them we have created our new product line, La Mítica. Together, we have studied and selected each plot to find the Mediterranean […]

Mythical Pairings: Cooking on the High Seas

With this heat lately, few things are better than fresh dishes paired with a good cava. On this occasion, we rely on luxury yacht chef Luis Rojas to create perfect fusion cuisine dishes for these hot days and to enjoy with a glass of La Mítica. Let’s go!   Luis originally comes from Mexico City, […]

Mythical Pairings: Mexican fusion Cuisine

We still do not believe that we have been lucky enough to find Juan Pescador from METL and his team. It´s not easy! Moreover, they have offered to cook their delicious Mexican cuisine inspired by the aromas of La Mítica cava. Don’t miss this!   The first thing that calls our attention here is that […]

Mythical Pairings: Middle Eastern & Mediterranean cuisine

The chef Lior Schechori has created three unique pairings for La Mítica and has been so kind as to tell us about the steps so anyone can try to recreate them at home. Do you want to know more? Keep reading! First things first, allow us to introduce Lior. She is a passionate food and […]

Mythical Pairings: Taiwanese cuisine

We launch this blog with a section devoted to pairings with our cava La Mítica. At the end of January we introduced this range of products at the Espai Penedès in Barcelona.  It seems ages ago now, but we remember that afternoon fondly. We were lucky to share a very special project with women in […]