We still do not believe that we have been lucky enough to find Juan Pescador from METL and his team. It´s not easy! Moreover, they have offered to cook their delicious Mexican cuisine inspired by the aromas of La Mítica cava. Don’t miss this!


Picture sourced: http://olocomesolodejas.com/

The first thing that calls our attention here is that this Mexican chef and his METL project don’t have a restaurant. METL was born as an ephemeral and nomadic concept, of a few days or a week. They only do what gets them excited, it can be a pop-up or a take-over, an event in Barcelona, Madrid or Paris, a catering … Totally nomadic. He likes to take risks and his proposal is constantly changing and adapting to the space where he cooks. The main goal of MELT is to make the public aware of the wide variety of Mexican food, which is much more complex, elaborate and more interesting than some nachos or Tex Mex. It is full of pre-Hispanic customs and a richness of the cultures that have been mixed over the centuries. They play with taboo ingredients and chili in all its forms.


They would have loved to pair our cavas exclusively with Mexican food, but the lockdown and the impossibility of finding some ingredients led them to develop their creativity.

La Mítica Brut – Banana Tostón

They tell us that La Mítica Brut was their favorite cava. According to the METL team, it has deep aromatic herb tones, such as Ibizan herbs with a very interesting touch of thyme and rosemary.

They decided to pair it with fried green male plantain Tostón, with a cream made with 50% cream cheese and 50% mascarpone, all this topped with black caviar. Amazing!

Tostones or patacones, are fried cooking banana, a traditional accompaniment in many Central and South American countries. As well as from the Caribbean. The male plantain is different from the banana that we usually consume in Europe. It is quite larger, has more starch and less sugar than the usual banana. It can be eaten both green and ripe.

The fatty flavor of the cheeses and the banana subtly stands out with the caviar linking with the strong character of this cava and creating a perfect harmony. In addition, the cava’s carbonic cleanses the fat of the palate.


La Mítica Brut Nature – Aguachile Oyster / Cap i pota with Chili

Later, they paired La Mítica Brut Nature with an Aguachile Oyster. This is a large size Delta Oyster that is lightly seasoned with a few drops of slightly spicy green aguachile tiger’s milk, a little ginger, fermented fish sauce, coriander and cucumber. All in very small quantities resulting in a very subtle sauce that fits perfectly with the oyster without overshadowing it. The mix is complemented by the dry character of the Brut Nature cava that helps to reinforce the flavor and aromatic intensity of the dish. As it is a reserve cava, it is structured and rich in nuances, accompanied by a good minerality that complements the oyster’s iodine.

For those who like spicy flavors, Mexican aguachile is the perfect sauce. It is a fresh recipe, which includes shrimp, coriander, onion and lime. The aguachile is native to the mountainous zone of Mexico, then it traveled to the Sinaloa coast. There, it was mixed with shrimp, becoming an icon of Mexican food.


They also paired La Mítica Brut Nature with a Cap i pota with ancho chili and chili guajillo. The result was a very strong dish, full of flavor, fat and collagen that harmonizes perfectly with the acidity offered by the carbonic.

A cava like this, with a great balance between freshness and maturity, is especially interesting for this pairing, the METL team believes that the character and personality of La Mítica Brut Nature harmonizes perfectly with the smoked flavors, intensifying them.

Cap i pota is a traditional Catalan dish. The dish is made with the “cap”, in this case the snout, and the “pota”, the leg of the veal. It is a dish with a balanced flavor.

La Mítica Brut Rosé – Zamburiñas / Red berry jam with Camembert cheese

They tried the rosé with a couple of different dishes. First with some Zamburiñas (a type of scallop) with olive oil and garlic and a little orange peel. They assure that the result was spectacular because the cava is very fruity so it pairs wonderfully with this dish.

They also paired it with other Zamburiñas but with baked Parmesan cheese. The acidity of the cava goes great with something creamy like this cheese and pairs very well with the sea flavor of the scallop. In addition, this cava has a slightly sweet but also bitter touch that makes it fit very interestingly with fish.

Finally, they wanted to try something sweet with La Mítica Rosé and the result was incredible. They used the cava also as an ingredient to create a red fruit jam to cover a Camembert cheese that they baked and with Italian pistachios sprinkled on top. The brut rosé character fits very well with the mild texture of the cheese.

Rosé wine and cheese are usually good allies. It is recommended to pair it with French soft cheese such as Camembert or Brie. In addition, the effervescence of the cava counteracts the fatty touch of the cheese.

Very original ideas to try this weekend at home and surprise everyone! If you dare to recreate any of the pairings, you can share them with us (#mythicalpairings).


Thank you very much METL, for these special pairings and for sharing your experience with us.