We launch this blog with a section devoted to pairings with our cava La Mítica.

At the end of January we introduced this range of products at the Espai Penedès in Barcelona

It seems ages ago now, but we remember that afternoon fondly. We were lucky to share a very special project with women in the wine business who surprised us with their kindness and professionalism.

La Mítica was conceived thinking of our grandmother and it was created to lead spectacular pairings. These are modern Reserva cavas, which maintain freshness. Therefore, food was one of the key elements of our meeting. We asked sommelier Nika Shevela of Wine Alphabet to create three cava and food pairings, she decided to do so with culinary creations by Jenny Chih-Chieh Teng of Mellowsheng.

Nika’s idea was to create three Asian dishes and play with a very colorful presentation. 


Keep reading to know how we created these pairings and to learn some tips in case you want to recreate them at home.


La Mítica Brut Nature – Taiwanese fried chicken, seasoned with fermented shio-koji and fried Thai basil

The aromas of balsamic, spices and menthol of this cava together with its maturation notes offer many options. We chose the fried chicken, the star of the Taiwanese street food, one of the most popular dishes of the night markets in Asia. 

The fatty and fried texture of the chicken harmonizes perfectly with the acidity offered by the carbonic of the wine. A cava like this, with a great balance between freshness and maturation, is especially interesting for this pairing, since the feeling in the mouth is not pungent and cleans the oiliness of the dish.


Mellowsheng’s tips for the dish:

  • Marinate the chicken for at least 12h for the most tender and flavorful result. 
  • Fry the chicken 2 times for extra crispy exterior while keeping the interior juicy. 
  • Only add the basil at the very end as it doesn’t require much time to fry. Be extra careful when frying it as it tends to sputter.
  • Season with some cayenne pepper for an extra kick!


La Mítica Brut – Mini rice hamburgers with kimchi, eryngii mushroom filling and quail egg

This cava is very fresh and expressive, with aromas of stone fruits such as peaches or apricots, hints of anise, spices, fennel and balsamic with subtle aging notes.

Cava in general is one of the most versatile wines when it comes to accompanying food. We decided to pair La Mítica Brut with this dish, which is a challenge due to the wide combination of ingredients. Moreover, both mushrooms and cabbage have previously undergone a fermentation process.

The dosage of this cava (7g/l) combines very well with the bittersweet flavor and it also enhances the earthy touch of the mushrooms.

The egg is the key factor to pair this dish due to the liquid and enveloping texture of the yolk that tends to overshadow other flavors/textures. In this case, cava’s carbonic helps to clean the palate and dilute the effect of the yolk.


Chef Jeny’s tips for this dish: 

  • Aged kimchi works better here than fresh kimchi, since it offers more punch and balances well with the other elements of the burger. 
  • The eryngii mushrooms can be replaced by other kinds, or a mix of mushrooms. 
  • Use a little ring mold to cook the quail eggs for an easier assembly. 
  • The rice patties are seasoned and shaped while the rice is still warm. Wet your hands before handling the rice to prevent it from sticking to your hands.



La Mítica Brut Rosé – Pumpkin dough dumplings filled with prawns and fermented chili sauce

La Mítica Brut Rosé is made by Trepat grape. This variety offers light, fruity wines with balanced acidity. In addition, it is a very floral cava with intense aromas of red fruits, strawberry jam, anise and fennel.

Nika recommended us to pair this cava with a balanced dish, both in flavors and textures. Among seafood, prawns are less intense and also less salty. This allowed us to create complementarity pairing for our rosé. The slightly spicy and spiced touch asks for a reserva cava.


Tips for the dish:

  • Adding steamed pumpkin to the dough gives it a sweet flavor as well as being extra nutritious! 
  • Always clean and devein the shrimps before adding them to the filling. 
  • Use the shells of the shrimps to make a concentrated stock to boost the flavor of the filling. 
  • Leave some bigger pieces of shrimp for some variation in textures. 
  • Only add the dumplings to the steamer after the water started boiling.



We hope you loved these pairing ideas as much as we do! If you dare to recreate any of the pairings, you can share them with us (#mythicalpairings). We are currently cooperating with chefs and cooks to create more food pairings including recipes explained step by step so you can try them at home.

Thanks to Majo Peroni, Sara Larsson and María Bassegoda for the photos