An old vine with outstanding potential, grown ecologically, inspired us to create Terres. A product range that expresses our commitment to create delicate and precise wines that tell us about the land. These are unique plots, placed in Alt Penedès, to which we gave the chance to demonstrate all their singularity and experience. Each one of them has been vinified separately, paying extra attention to their ripening process to create fresh wines with good natural acidity


We respect the individuality of each grape variety. Low-yielding vines. Spontaneous and fresh fermentations, carried out by indigenous yeasts. Minimal extraction. Short ageing time in wood barrels to add extra complexity and nuances.

Terres – Ull de Llebre


Terres – Xarel·lo


Botella vino Terres tinto

Terres – Ull de Llebre

The result of assembling two of our oldest plots of Tempranillo, gobelet-trained vines with an average of 35 years old located at an altitude of 250m above the sea. Both vineyards are placed on a slight incline which allows perfect ventilation. The claycalcareous soils favor the phenolic maturation of the grapes and the sugar accumulation. Yields are low, which results in grapes with great intensity and concentration. The grapes are hand-harvested and destemmed before fermentation with autochthonous yeasts. We seek to preserve the varietal character, and to achieve that the grapes from one of the plots rest in stainless steel tanks. For the other, we use a very short ageing period in French oak casks to obtain more spiced and toasted notes.
A wine with an identity, but created to be enjoyed by an ample variety of palates. With a Mediterranean character, full of matured red and black fruits, with floral notes.
Pleasant in the mouth with fine-grained tannins, high acidity that enhances freshness.

Limited production: 5,000bottles
Variety: 100% Ull de Llebre (Tempranillo)

Botella vino Terres uva Xarel·lo

Terres – Xarel·lo

Comes from two singular Xarel·lo plots that deserved to have their own wine. Vines are grown under sustainable practices on calcareous soils with marine fossil presence. We achieve a fresher expression of a Mediterranean style Xarel·lo with these old gobelet-trained vines that enjoy a fresh microclimate thanks to their orientation that captures only the weakest sunlight of the morning, protecting them from the afternoon heat. These plots are worked separately in both the fermentation and the ageing process to enhance complexity. After being hand-harvested, grapes are pressed gently at a very low yields. After a short period of skin contact, each plot ferments separately in a stainless steel tank with yeasts from the very same vines. A 50% of it remains in the tanks while the other half ages in 225 liters French oak casks for some months without batonnage.
This wine has a distinct mineral-saline character, it is structured, balanced and fresh.

Limited production: 5,000bottles
Variety: Xarel·lo


Ecologic viticulture

Respectful production style, non aggressive with the environment. We do not make use of herbicides, nor chemical pesticides. We fertilize the land every two years with ecologic fertilizers without mineral content.

Nº of bottles

5,000 red
5,000 white


Ecologic wine with vegan certification.
Ecologic– CCPAE
Vegan – European Vegetarian union


Red 12%
White 12%


Ecologic vineyards located in Alt Penedès. Every wine is produced with grapes from two different plots, harvested and vinified separately.


Manual harvest to guarantee the excellent state of the grapes, which allows us to make a selection of the clusters, even grapes. This way the grape remains whole and does not break nor squeeze.